Customer Reviews

"Out standing work. Literally turned a modestly priced rifle into a custom one of a kind. Speedy returns on all work, and the paint has really held up from multiple years in and out of the woods, climbing tree stands, rain, mud, etc. Also years of in and outs of gun bags and pelican cases to the gun range. People always ask me where I had the paint done, well now you know!

Thanks Clint S/F

"I have had several rifles done by CamoConcepts. All turned out excellent. Workmanship and color matching is top notch.

"CamoConcepts has performed some of the most functionally sound pain jobs I have ever seen. Unbearable quality, workmanship, and durability. I could not recommend a company more highly

"The commitment to service and product at CamoConcepts is second to none. As the proud owner of some of their work I have found it to far exceed any demands I have placed on it. Very durable and does the real world job camo is designed for. 

CamoConcepts offers custom rifle painting services with uniquely crafted camo patterns that blend in with the environment. Using a mult-layered paint application process utillizing only Aervoe military paint that is invisible to IR and non-reflective to ultra violet light. 

Why get a CamoConcepts custom paint job?

  • Instantly add value to your rifle
  • Revitilize an old rifle with a new look
  • Make your rilfe one of a kind
  • Increase the function of your rifle by blending in with your environment

​Great for SWAT, military, police, hunters, and avid shooters!

Why choose CamoConcepts for your rifle?

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